About the Journal

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Aims and scope

Light: Advanced Manufacturing LAM is a new, highly selective, open-access, and free of charge international sister journal of the Nature Journal Light: Science & Applications. The journal is aimed to publish innovative research in all modern areas of preferred light-based manufacturing, including fundamental and applied research as well as industrial innovations.

LAM is published by the Light Publishing Group and sponsored by the Ji hua Laboratory (Guangdong Province, Foshan City) in close cooperation with the CIOMP (Changchun, http://english.ciomp.cas.cn/).

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Advanced Information Technologies for Manufacturing

- Additive Manufacturing Technologies

- Advanced Materials: Design, Fabrication and Application

- Artificial Intelligence for Product Design, Manufacturing & Operation

- Digital Production Technologies

- AR, VR and MR: Industrial Application

- Bio-Medical-Technologies: Instrumentation, Fabrication and Application

- Precision Instruments: Design, Fabrication and Application

- Light Weight Technologies

- Large Optics Fabrication and Testing

- New Fabrication Tools (light sources, precision machining, robotics)

- Micro and Nano Fabrication: Tools and Technologies(Photolithography, E-Beam-Lithography, Diamond Turning, Nano-Printing, Dip-Pen Nano-Lithography, 2d-Material Fabrication, 2-Photon-Lithography, Direct Laser Writing, …)

- Energy Harvesting and Storage Technologies

- Manufacturing of Functional Surfaces (DOE, Meta-Surfaces,Meta-Materials, …)

- High-Precision Optical Surface Finishing (MRF, Diamond Turning,Ion-beam-Finishing, …)

- In-Line-Measurement and Inspection Technologies (NDT, ESA)

- Uncertainty Estimation and Quality Assurance (GUM-Procedures, 6-Procedures, Quality Measures)

- Reverse Engineering Technologies

- Norms and Standards

- Robot and Autonomous Vehicle Applications

- Remote Sensing

- Integrated Photonics (Technologies, Components and Devices)

- Energy-efficient and Green Photonics Technologies

- Super-resolution and Extra-wide Field Imaging

- Terahertz and Microwave Photonic Technologies in Measurements

Author benefits

- Rigorous and timely peer review process

- Professional copyediting and typesetting

- Diamond Open Access: free of charge publishing

- Wide exposure to a large global audience

- ScholarOne Manuscript tracking system

- Intended future referencing on the Web of Science platform (Clarivate Analytics)

- Online publication 2 weeks after acceptance

- Free inclusion of supplementary material (multimedia content)

- Awarding of the most influential papers at the Annual Light Conference

- Highlighting new business and supporting young entrepreneurs in dissemination of their products

In addition to the cutting-edge research, LAM offers a comprehensive view of the latest technological advances in light-based industries covering a wide range of design, fabrication, testing, and application of innovative products, intending to bridge the gaps that often exist in moving technologies to market.

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