Meet the Light and Inspire the Future: Light Conference
on Advanced Optical Manufacturing is grandly hosted in Rugao, China

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We are extremely proud to announce the significant success of Light Conference on Advanced Optical Manufacturing, held in Rugao, China, from April 16 to 17, 2024. The event was co-hosted by the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CIOMP), and Leading Optics, co-organized by Light: Advanced Manufacturing (LAM), Light: Science & Applications (Light), eLight, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIOMP) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Group Photo


The plenary session was hosted by Prof. Rong Su (from SIOMP, editor of LAM). Prof. Dame Jane Jiang

 (Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering), Prof.Wolfgang Osten (from University of Stuttgart, EIC of LAM), Mr Yijun He(Secretary of the Rugao Municipal Party Committee), Prof. Xuejun Zhang (President of CIOMP, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Prof. Xinyuan Zhu ( Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University) and Prof. Mingjun Ren (Chairman of Leading Optics) delivered the welcome speeches. Prof.Xuejun Zhang, Prof. Rainer Gadow (from University of Stuttgart) and Dr. Matt Davies (Moore Nanotech) presented the academic plenary talks. The grand opening ceremony of Leading Optics Rugao Factory was held following that. During the conference, Prof. Xuejun Zhang, Mr. Minghua Chen(Standing Committee member of Rugao Municipal Committee), and Prof. Mingjun Chen unveiled the "Light YRD Industrial Hub", this is the first industry office of Light, following 22 overseas/regional offices globally. It signifies an innovative collaboration between Light and industry, paving the way for a new development pattern for the Light brand. Prof. Cao Jianlin (Former Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Chairman/Director of Jihua Laboratory, EIC of LAM), Prof. Xuejun Zhang and Prof. Yuhong Bai (Deputy Chief engineer of CIOMP, founder of Light brand, Executive EIC of Light) were invited as important guests to witness the signing ceremony of cooperation projects between Changguang Group and Rugao High-tech Industrial Development Zone, etc.. Subsequently, Changguang Group will engage in deep cooperation with Rugao in optical processing and measurement technology, jointly promoting innovation and win-win cooperation in related fields. After the signing ceremony, Dr. Jeff Zhang (CEO of Leading Optics ), Dr. Xinquan Zhang (CTO of Leading Optics), Dr. Kazuhiko Hidaka (Deputy Head of R&D Division, Mitutoyo) and Prof. Hong Yan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) delivered industrial plenary talks. The roundtable discussion was chaired by Prof. Dame Jane Jiang, Prof. Cao Jianlin, Prof. Han Ding ( Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Shengli Sun( Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Sixiong Lin (Senior Fellow of Singapore Research Council) President Peng Wei (President of Zeiss Optics China), and Dr. Scott Gerhart (Moore Nanotech SVP/CRO) shared the important insights on topics including optical industry, optical manufacturing, and optical inspection, providing directions for the future development of related fields.



Prof. Rong Su hosting the plenary session


Prof. Xiangqian Jiang, Prof.Wolfgang Osten, Mr Yijun He, Prof. Xuejun Zhang, Prof. Xinyuan Zhu and Prof. Mingjun Ren delivering the welcome speeches


Prof.Xuejun Zhang, Prof. Rainer Gadow and Dr. Matt Davies presenting the academic plenary talks


Light YRD Industrial Hub Opening Ceremony


Signing Ceremony


Dr. Jeff Zhang, Dr. Xinquan Zhang , Dr. Kazuhiko Hidaka and Prof. Hong Yan delivering industrial plenary talks


Roundtable Discussion


On the morning of April 17th, the conference featured keynote talks from Prof. Wang Zhanshan (Tongji University), Prof. Jeff Kuhn (University of Hawaii), Dr. Paul Dumas (QED Technologies), Mr. Tomofumi Morishita (Panasonic), Prof. Yuanzhi Liu (Ji Hua Laboratory), Prof. Renke Kang (Dalian University of Technology), Dr. Chunyu Zhao (CEO, Arizona Optical Metrology), Dr. Ralf Dupont (Founder, Levicron GmbH) and Prof. Fang Cheng (Deputy R&D Director, SIMTech). In addition, Optical Metrology Symposium, Manufacturing Symposium and Industrial Symposium were held simultaneously on the afternoon of April 17th. 24 experts and representatives from academia and enterprises, including Prof. Valery Tuchin (Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Prof. Elena Stoykova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Prof. Xinwei Wang (Iowa State University), Prof. Nikolay V. Petrov (ITMO University), Dr. He Chao (University of Oxford), and Prof. Lixun Zhou, (Manager of Changguang KingCera Composites Co. Ltd) delivered invited presentations on relevant topics.

At the closing ceremony, Prof. Ying Zhang (Director of Light Publishing Group) expressed gratitude for the support from all parties and hoped that this grand event would facilitate exchanges and cooperation, and looked forward to reuniting with everyone at Light Conference 2024, scheduled to be held in Changchun in this June.


Keynote talks of the conference


Invited talks on Metrology Symposium

Invited talks on Manufacturing Symposium


Invited talks on Industrial Symposium


Prof. Ying Zhang making the closing summary 


During the conference, the Light Publishing Group set up journal booths at the venue, showcasing numerous latest scientific research achievements related to advanced optical manufacturing, which attracted many attendees to visit the booths and engage in discussions on the forefront developments in the field. Concurrently, Changguang Group, along with its subsidiaries including Changchun Changguang Daxi Technology Co., Ltd., Changchun Changguang Chenpu Technology Co., Ltd., Changchun Changguang Precision Ceramics Composite Materials Co., Ltd., and Changchun AOPU Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., made great appearances at the conference. They demonstrated the comprehensive strength of CIOMP to domestic and international attendees, laying a solid foundation for further deepening communication and cooperation.

Exchange at the booths


The Light Conference on Advanced Optical Manufacturing integrating academic, research, industry, enterprises, and finance, attracted over 230 institutions and companies worldwide, as well as more than 600 top scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals, suppliers, investors, and policy makers in the field of advanced optical manufacturing from both domestic and international arenas. They gathered in Rugao to participate in this globally influential scientific and industrial event, jointly exploring the future development trends, technological innovations, and applications of optical manufacturing industry. The resounding success of this conference marks a significant milestone in the cross-industry integration of the Light brand, transitioning from academic to industry, and represents another innovative initiative following the footsteps of the Asia Light Conference going global. In the future, the Light brand will continue to explore, providing a broader platform for the global optical community to accumulate high-end innovative resources, promoting the integration of academic, research and industry, and contribute to the establishment of new heights of optical-related fields development.

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